So many pets around the world have been using CBD with great results. It seems more people I talk to have tried or are using CBD for their pets. I was curious to try it so I purchased COCO PRO extract. I was right away in love with Coco Pro's website, the fact they are a proud Australian company with fully sustainable packaging I was willing to try it... plus it was well priced when I compared the CBD EXTRACT Millagram count to others on the market. I ordered the Coco Pro 600mg extract, it arrived quick. I administered it using the supplied syringe. I told my dog Benny its a treat and he lapped it up! I did notice within the hour Benny was really chill. Over the course of the next month I noticed Benny was loving life even more, he was running around, anxiety was completely gone, even thunderstorms didn't bother him anymore.

I would definitely keep buying Coco Pro.

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