How much CBD can I give my dog?

Updated: Oct 15

This is a common questions I hear all the time. A good rule of thumb that I live by is to start with 1-2mg for every 4 kilos of weight for your dog or cat. If you're using Coco pro extracts oils, remember that they do come in different concentrations. The amount listed on the label is the total amount of extract in the whole bottle and not a per-dose amount.

I have yet to read anything about a pet overdosing on CBD extracts. Common side effects of too much extract CBD oil include an upset stomach leading to vomiting or irritated bowels and diarrhea. Other indications of taking too much cbd extract oil may include: Lethargy. Ataxia (loss of coordination). Sometimes a higher dose is required for relief of anxiety from thunder storms for example I give my dog 2 ml that is 2 full syringes of the Coco Pro 600mg extract and my dog is 10kilos. I also suggest dose low and go slow. You know your pet better then anyone however don't be scared to try a higher dose.

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